A headache is the kind of pain that you feel on both the sides of your head. Some causes of
headaches are stress or tension, muscle strain or anxiety. Spinal misalignment is the major
reason behind headaches. The headache due to tension is the most common type. Many people
seek headache relief from Dr. Mobley. He will determine the type of headache you have and
diagnose and treat accordingly

A migraine headache makes daily activities very difficult. It is the condition in which you feel an
intense and severe headache. Some of the symptoms are nausea, pain behind the eyes,
vomiting etc. Typically the migraine headache will affect only one side of the head. The
chiropractic treatment for migraine involves stretching and manipulating the spine. Dr. Mobley
will analyze the patient’s health and then make a treatment plan that does not include any
drugs or surgery.