We see kids too!

We can help with colic, bed-wetting, ear aches, back and neck pain, sports injuries & headaches!

As an adult, you seek a chiropractor for health issues like chronic back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, headaches and migraines.

Your children can also have health issues that make it difficult for them to enjoy their daily activities. In children a chiropractic health checkup is an excellent way to find out answers to any of your concerns about your child’s health. Spinal misalignment is a common issue found in children which causes a disruption in the nervous system. It happens due to different reasons such as trauma from birth, emotional stress, bumps and falls.

Dr. Mobley uses a special tool called activator on many of his smallest patients. Headaches, ear infections and constant bed wetting are just a few reasons why parents bring their children to Dr. Mobley. When you visit Indiana Chiropractic and Rehab, we collect a detailed health history to find out the health issues your child may have. A physical examination is done, to check whether there is any spinal misalignment. Dr. Mobley then develops a treatment plan to help your child achieve relief and overall wellness.